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About us | TM Marine Sdn Bhd | Tug and Barge Service Operator Malaysia

About us

TM GLOBAL MARINE SDN BHD formerly known as SMART WORK CO-ORDINATING SDN BHD, Established in 25th November 2005 is a Malaysian’s marine transportation company and operates & manages large fleet of Tug Boats, Barges and various types of vessel for charter service. Its line of services includes Harbour Assistance, Lighterage, Towage, Ship Salvage, Ship Management, Diving and Underwater Marine Works, Offshore Structure, and other specialized services. It thus offers more than six years of experience in the sector, reinforced by a punctual adaptation provides towage services and tug assistance to the ships at Port and ship to ship transfer to mother vessel.

TM GLOBAL MARINE SDN BHD, owns and operates a large fleet various size/type of newly build or uses Tugboat and Barges, all vessel are well maintenance and in very tip-top conditions able to offer comprehensive transportation and support solutions to its valued customers in South East Asia Marketing.

Apart from its marine transportation activity, the company also offers fresh water supply to the ships at roads, delivery of stores etc. to and from the ships, additional assistance to the ships (including salvage), and shipping agency in connection with towage, MPOB Palm oil supplies and contractor work.

We are committed to fair, timely, and ongoing disclosure as a means of achieving high levels of management transparency services.